Our attention to detail will keep your range running, durable, and most importantly - safe. 

Stopping a bullet isn't an easy task. It takes robust materials and precision range infrastructure, and the Fusion Targets Steel Trap is up to the challenge. Manufactured using the best AR500 steel and welded using a triple-pass process, our chamber is the heart of the bullet trap.


Through our early history in industry maintenance across vendors we have identified critical areas to prevent warping and cracking in our products.

Bullet lead needs to be disposed of in a safe manner. Our removal system has no moving parts and avoids traditional jamming and lengthy service thereby ensuring ease of use. You no longer need additional costly equipment and low- volume containers.


Offering up to 7.5 times the storage capacity of alternatives greatly reduces the frequency of service.


You will also enjoy higher recycling prices due to higher volume price points. This sealed system is the environmentally savvy way to safeguard against lead spillage. 

Top and Bottom Mouth Plates

Made from 1/2” AR500 steel, the mouth plates are the first point of contact for the chamber. A longer mouth plate is used to help direct the bullet in the chamber and to reduce wear and heat.

Inner and Outer Shell

Made from 3/8” AR500 inner and outer shells, it has a curved surface that redirects the bullet and slows it down using a series of bends that act as a contact point.

Deceleration Deflectors

Series of 3/8” AR500 deflectors to act as a final contact point for high velocity rounds.


Spent bullet exit point and mounting area for collection system.